Zetterstrand Brush Set

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Series 319. One stroke.

The excellent brush manufacturer Rosemary & co has recreated my favourite brush for me and made it available in a new product line

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Commonly called 'Nylon', Golden Synthetic has some unique characteristics in that its retention, snap and spring are all superb. The Series 319 have a run of goat hair in them too whilst being constructed of two types of synthetic blended together.

The Series 319 are designed to hold good amounts of liquid for washes. 

The Series 319's work well in Oils, Acrylics, Water mixable Oils, watercolour & gouache though they are most favoured by Oil painters.

"The perfect brush recreated. In my work, I have tested hundreds of brush types to suit my specific practice of oil painting. Over the years, these brushes turned out to be the ones I always reached for, due to their versatility and handling properties. I used them for most purposes, ranging from laying fluid washes of thin underpainting on large canvases, glazing translucent layers on grisailles and to painting the tiny pixels in the paintings I made for Minecraft.   The former manufacturer however went out of business, and over the years I tried to find a suitable replacement with no luck. The specific combination of the length of hairs and the elasticity of the combined goat hair and taklon fibres seemed to have no equal. Finally, I reached out to Rosemary & co for help, and after analysing my brushes, they meticulously recreated, and even improved upon them. These brushes have enough rigidity to handle quite thick paint, work alla prima and lay light impasto - and they shine when making thin glazes and smooth transitions in wet paint such as when blending edges, due to their softness and fine hairs. The durability of this hair blend is also spectacular, proven by the fact that I have brushes still in perfect condition after being used for 20 years. For these reasons, they have become essential for my work, and I am eternally grateful to Rosemary for recreating this brush for me." Kristoffer Zetterstrand